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Worlds Collide

Here are a few things you should know about me:

I’m a Nigerian that’s been very fortunate to have lived and received an education on three different continents. This also means that a lot of my habits, beliefs, cultural references, and mannerisms are drawn from other cultures. Some associates say I don’t act like a “typical” Nigerian woman, but I’m fine with that. After all, it’s our little idiosyncrasies that make us unique.

I call myself a creative techie… Meaning I like hearing and talking about creative projects especially with people equally enthusiastic about changing the way the world works through innovative technology. Most of the time, it’s not really about the technology for me, but the people around it which I find quite so fascinating. Might be a throwback to my time spent in engineering societies in undergrad and creative multimedia projects in grad school. People could collaborate, bounce ideas off each other, and as a group come up with solutions often superior to their individual efforts…creative synergy, I suppose.

Movies and music for me are a great source of entertainment, joy, and comfort in life. Great action sequences, beautiful cinematography, and humorously clever dialog are just a few of the reasons I love film. As for music, I doubt there’s been a major event in my life that I can’t match with a particular “theme song” I had at that point. And I listen to almost everything: rock, pop, r&b, classical…. Why, the title of this post is also the name of one of my favorite albums by a Finnish cello-rock band.

In recent years, I’ve become rather fascinated with social enterprises and the idea of creating a business that not only has a positive profit margin, but a positive impact on the people involved and its surrounding environment. I read books on the topic, follow experts in the field (on Twitter no actual stalking involved), and spend time with friends involved in volunteer work and similar endeavors. I hope to spend a lot more time exploring this path.

In summary, one of my greatest joys in life is interacting with people enthusiastic about changing the way the world works. Whether via technology, or music, or social enterprise… or simply being a good example for others.

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