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Exponential Growth Masterclass

Are you on track to achieve your goals?

“When managing a team, success is not just based on how hard you work, but on the combined effort of team members.”

Isioma Utomi

You work hard, but aren’t seeing the results you want.

You have good people, but can’t figure out how to take their work to the next level.

You’re missing out on opportunities and it’s affecting your bottom line.

“86% of executives cite ineffective collaboration and poor communication as the main causes for workplace failures.”

Fierce, Inc survey

Collaboration and communication are two closely related concepts that are essential for the success of any team. Collaboration involves working together with others towards a common goal. Effective communication is crucial for successful collaboration because it allows team members to share their ideas and opinions, express their concerns, and clarify their roles and responsibilities.

Without clear communication, your people may have different interpretations of work objectives, leading to confusion and delays.

Don’t let poor collaboration and inadequate communication prevent you from achieving the results you want!

As a manager, you need a system that will help you increase team effectiveness.

You want your team members to be more engaged.

You are ready to take your business performance to the next level.

You are willing to adopt innovative tools and techniques to achieve your goals.

This program is ideal for team leaders, managers & entrepreneurs who want to be more successful at work.

Businesses with high performing teams stay ahead of the competition and thrive under challenging economic conditions. The curriculum is designed to help managers improve team effectiveness using the proprietary PEER framework for Success and leadership best practices.



Clearly define your business goals and metrics for success.


Identify opportunities to improve collaboration and coordination of resources to achieve results.


Effectively communicate objectives with your team so your people are aligned.

A 3-week cohort-based online course designed to help managers engage their team more effectively to achieve business goals

Start Date: 21st March 2023




Course Price: $299

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“I had been feeling stuck and was unsure how to go about growing my business and progressing with my career goals. The exponential growth masterclass helped me set realistic goals and illuminated ways I could go about achieving them. It has inspired me and given me the tools to move my business to the next level.”

– Obiamaka O.

“Using these tools we could break down things that seemed very difficult and make them smaller so you can actually measure your progress”

– Sonni L.

“Got great value from the breakout sessions which provided the opportunity to practice and refine the framework”

Uduak N. (Project Manager)

“Very interactive”

Olajumoke B. (Policy advisor)

“Content was straightforward and easy to digest”

Modupe D. (Operations leader)

Get CLARITY on how you measure success.  

Discover opportunities for GROWTH.

ENGAGE your stakeholders and achieve your goals!

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”

African Proverb

If you want to achieve your business goals, this masterclass is for you!

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Isioma Utomi is the CEO of Catalyst Experience Solutions. Early in her career, she gained experience utilizing Six Sigma quality methodology and Lean tools to improve efficiency in Fortune 500 companies through data-driven processes. From there, she developed expertise in helping leaders think more strategically about talent development, innovation and customer experience as key drivers for sustainable growth. She is passionate about helping business owners build successful teams.

A Salzburg Global fellow, she promotes diversity in business and tech communities through events such as the Women Who Launch summit at Lagos Startup Week and supports achieving sustainable development goals for youth and women.

She has a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University and a Masters degree in Digital Media from Northeastern University.

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