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The Performance Upgrade Lab

How do you position your business for exponential growth?

As a woman entrepreneur, how you manage your team and resources impacts both your work and your life outside of work. Unless you are able to put systems and processes in place you won’t be able to step away from daily operations and focus on more strategic aspects of the business.

In other words, you need to work ON the business vs IN it.

Let’s talk about the problem

Do you find it challenging to delegate?

Are you concerned about the customer experience when you’re not there?

Are you uncertain about how to motivate your team?

Would you like to

Go on vacation and be confident that your team knows how to bring in revenue?

Rest easy knowing that a family emergency won’t affect your income?

Spend more quality time with your family and friends without rushing back to work all the time?

Join the Performance Upgrade Lab for Women Entrepreneurs and learn how to build a team you can rely on.

The Performance Upgrade Lab is a personalised coaching service for women entrepreneurs who want to manage people and resources more effectively so they have time to live their best lives.

In the Lab, you will learn to:

  • Define success for your team
  • Identify the resources you need to hit your revenue goals
  • Get buy-in from your team on decisions that will grow your business

Sign up for a free discovery call to see how we can grow your business and reclaim your life.

Get a Performance Upgrade.

Why should you join the Performance Upgrade Lab?


Delegate with confidence, understanding the real value of your time. Focus on working ON the business vs IN the business


Incentivize valued talent by providing them with a roadmap for success and opportunities for professional development


Connect employee tasks to customer needs and company values to consistently deliver a great customer experience