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PRESS RELEASE: Brunch & Blueprint Event

    Unlocking Success: Catalyst Experience Solutions Hosts a Transformative Brunch & Blueprint Event
    Lagos Island, Nigeria – December 9, 2023

    Catalyst Experience Solutions, a leading consulting firm, brought together an exclusive group of visionaries, entrepreneurs, and executives at the picturesque Ikoyi, Lagos, for the “Brunch & Blueprint” event on the 9th of December, 2023, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

    The event, curated by innovative leadership coach Isioma Utomi, aimed to provide attendees with a unique opportunity to reflect on the past, refresh their minds, and reframe their visions for a successful year ahead. Participants engaged in a series of transformative activities designed to help with relaxation, reflection, and actionable planning.

    The Brunch & Blueprint event was not just a gathering; it was an experience tailored for personal and professional growth. Key activities included guided meditation, dynamic goal-setting exercises, and a mindfulness session encouraging participants to focus on the present and release worries about the past or future.

    Esteemed speakers enriched the event with their insights. Ramanujam “Rummy,” the executive director of The Happiness Center, and Dr. Franca Ovadje, founder of Danne Institute for Research, shared their wisdom alongside Isioma Utomi. Isioma, known for her role as a leadership coach and productivity consultant, captivated the audience with a practical session using her proven PEER Framework for Success to refine goals and identify key actions for 2024.

    The retreat offered participants a chance to regain control of their businesses and lives in a relaxed setting. Participants engaged in hands-on activities to visualize and strategize for a balanced and successful life.

    The event concluded with happy and satisfied participants, who expressed their gratitude for the practical learning and the joyful atmosphere.
    As stated by one of the participants:
    “Very insightful session. I would highly recommend”.

    The participants found the event to be an effective way to relax, reflect, and gain valuable insights for the upcoming year, and they expanded their professional network during and after the event.

    About Isioma Utomi
    Isioma Utomi is an innovative leadership coach and the CEO of Catalyst Experience Solutions. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs and executives simplify their work, concentrate on what truly matters, and achieve their goals with ease.

    Contact the team at Catalyst Experience Solutions to organise retreats for your company today. Catalyst curates transformative experiences for people and businesses seeking exponential growth.

    Isioma Utomi
    Catalyst Experience Solutions

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    Isioma Utomi