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4 traits of successful entrepreneurs

    I have had the privilege of working with a number of leaders in various industries and sectors around the world. I observed that there are some common characteristics of great leaders which allow them to become successful entrepreneurs. I put those features into 4 categories which I call the PEER framework.

    The PEER framework outlines traits that successful leaders across a variety of fields exhibit:

    1. They know their PRIORITIES

    They are very clear on the priorities that drive them, be it personal core values  or those related to their business; they know their targets, SMART goals, where they are going and how to share that vision with others.

    1. They value EDUCATION

    They place enormous importance on education and continuous learning. For them, no one stays static, no one knows everything at every point in time. This requires a growth mindset. They are constantly searching for more knowledge, especially about their industry, about how to manage people, and how to be more successful through further education, whether formal education – MBAs, PhDs or informal – reading books, learning from others, observing those who are successful around them. They have a genuine love of learning.

    1. They understand the power of ENABLEMENT

    This  points to all the tools that support successful businesses and business owners. Team leaders who have focused on upscaling, on further leveling up when it comes to technology are always at the forefront because there is only so much you can do  as an individual. Technology allows you to expand your reach significantly and work more efficiently. Every successful  leader that I observed, have taken advantage of the technology at their disposal.

    1. They nurture RELATIONSHIPS

    You need to have good relationships with your team members, be able to get the most out of them and know how to motivate people.  Emotional intelligence plays a major role in your professional relationships and partnerships and those in your personal life. A lot of people have underestimated just how valuable it is to have a good balance between both internal and external relationships because they both affect the other. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to  how all these aspects are balanced .

    Is there an entrepreneur you particularly admire? What makes them stand out? Let me know in the comments.